Pictures showing reforestation activity for 40 rai (15.8 acres) by KBO EARTH and the Royal Forest Department on Saturday 7th September 2019, at Ban Kha District, Ratchaburi.

KBO EARTH has just finished the reforestation for 40 rai, in cooperation with the Royal Forest Department and several parties. Around 400 participants arrived the planting area from 7.00 a.m. with smiles and hopes to increase oxygen for our world. 

This activity was honored by Mr. Narit Arjtunyakorn, Director of Forest Community Division who was assigned by Director General of the Royal Forest Department to preside over the opening ceremony. This activity was strongly supported by Mr. Suchart Buabang, specialist in forest management, Chief of Puyang Unit and Protection and Development Pak Tor Unit.

Moreover, there were several experts from government sector and local officials from Ban Kha District joining us, namely:

– Mr. Chatree Raksapaen : Director, Office of Forest Reforestation – Senior Col. Saichol Pasaprathet : Chief of Plans and Intelligence Unit, Internal

Security Operations Command in Ratchaburi

– Col. Panithi Katetat : Chief of the Foundation for the Promotion of Greenhouse Gas

Emission Reduction

– Maj. Thanat Thongthaew :  Committee Member, the Foundation for the Promotion

of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

– Maj. Punya Sawasdinam : Chief of Army Engineer Unit

– Mr. Tarat Leangsa-ad : District-Chief Officer, Ban Kha District

– Mr. Surapon Obmayan : School Director, Ban Rong Charoen School

From KBO Earth, there were Mr. Piyapong Boonsanong, Vice President of Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) representing Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, President of KBO and KBO Earth, Lt. Pitak Triranakul, Working Team Leader and Director of KBO Earth, and members from all teams.Upon registration, the guests received brochures about this reforestation activity and campaign on global warming. All guests including students from Ban Rong Charoen School also received T-shirts and fabric hats as souvenirs which are suitable for the atmosphere with nice breeze and fresh air in the mountains which will become green years later.Lt. Pitak Triranakul stated the principle and standpoint of KBO Earth as follows: 

KBO Earth was established by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, President of Knowing Buddha Organization to protect Buddhism with group of volunteers and over 500 members.

From the study and research by specialists in KBO Earth, we found that the new factor that is rapidly accelerating the global temperature is the use of digital data via internet and wireless communication.

We need to tackle the problem quickly to relieve global warming crisis which is getting more severe rapidly such as the recent Amazon rainforest wildfires.

Thus, we need to create awareness for people to use digital data as much as necessary and with conscience.

More than 50 years ago, we have already known that climate change is resulted from heat trap which is caused by greenhouse effect. The only thing that can reduce these greenhouse gases is reforestation.

The good cooperation to occur in the next few minutes will be an important step for KBO Earth, our true friends who join today’s activity and also those who work behind the scenes. These people never sit by but take action immediately.

Hence, we must do 2 things for today which are;

Increase the lung for the world by reforestation.Reduce the heat accelerator by reducing the use of digital data.

This is our standpoint – to bring Earth back to its normal state”.

The ceremony was simple and informal. The amazing thing is every officer and all people in Ban Kha are serious in saving this forest. They love and know its value. They really want to protect the forest and do not expect any returns.

As we know, this area is still abundant. There are wild boars, barking deers, rabbits, and hornbills which live less than 5 km. from here. It indicates that we choose the right place and we are in the right way.

This is first time and can be a prototype of mixed reforestation in Thailand. We plant various trees such as Sang Mon Bamboos (Dendrocalamus sericeus), Golden Teak, Yang Naa (Dipterocarpus alatus), Makha Mong (Afzelia xylocarpa), Neem (Azadirachta indica), and Bitter Bean (Parkia speciosa).

We have also drilled a well to get ground-water to supply the trees with dripping system. Solar energy will be used for the system so that all trees will be watered every morning and evening for one year. This will ensure that the trees will grow and yield for people in the area to benefit. Then, they will help protect the forest.

Finally, we would like to thank executives from all sectors, especially the Royal Forest Department leading by Mr. Attaphon Charoenchansa, Director General and the highly capable working teams including local officials in Ban Kha District, Ratchaburi, Mr. Suchart Buabang, Ms. Daranee Seetho who is an officer of the Royal Forest Department and also the key member of KBO Earth, all KBO Earth’s members and all volunteers who sacrifice their physical and mental energy, and also money to bring success to this activity.

KBO Earth would like to thank the Royal Forest Department and all contributors in this activity to repay our country. May you all be blessed by the Triple Gem with happiness and greater success.