Today (September 18, 2019), KBO Earth team led by Lieutenant Pitak Tiranakul, joined the 123rd anniversary event of The Royal Forest Department. More importantly, KBO Earth has received a certificate in “Restoring and Developing Forestry Resources”. This is our very proud award but what we are proud of is that KBO Earth has been a part of creating green area for Thailand. Besides, the main campaign of KBO Earth which is to educate and create awareness about the dangers from digital innovations, what we need to do at the same time is afforestation because KBO Earth realizes well that trees are the only natural machines which give back the natural balance to this Earth. KBO Earth would like to thank The Royal Forest Department which led by Mr. Attapol Charoenchansa, Director General, Mr. Chatree Raksapan, Director of Administration Division, Mr. Naris Ardthanthakorn, Director of Reforestation Promotion Division, Forest Resource Management Office 10 (Ratchaburi), Mr. Suchat Buabang, professional forestry officer, head of Ror Bor. 3 unit (Puyang) and head of forest protection and development unit Paktor, Mrs Daranee Sitho, head of seedlings nursery center in Nakorn Ratchasrima province and also a core team member of KBO Earth. Moreover, KBO Earth would also like to thank all members and supporters who have joined forces physically and mentally in these activities making our first afforestation a well success.



“Reduce” internet usage

“Delete” useless digital data

“Reduce” the use of plastic and electricity

“Increase” Green Life, Planting Trees, Reforestation

4 HOURS OF NO WI-FI. Stop using the internet every Sunday morning between 06.00 – 10.00 AM.