On August 13, 2019 KBO Earth, led by Lieutenant Pitak Tiranakul, Dr. Kanokros Phalakornkul and the team visited Dr. Asmol Limsakun, Director of Climate Change Group at Environmental Research and Training Center on the occasion of introducing and seeking partnership to the organization as well as soliciting suggestions for the research. One interesting point is that greenhouse gas emissions appear to have an effect on the climate. One of the reasons is due to the urbanization and many human activities that generate greenhouse gases altogether. And every 1°C of the global temperature rise is caused by human activities in various forms in modern cities can as well be up to 0.3°C.

Including the occurrence of the extreme temperature phenomena; extreme heat, very long interval periods of drought, the less number of storms which have hit Thailand (the storm will bring rain) but the strength of the storm is closer to a typhoon. Including when it rains heavily but only for a moment resulting in drought but likely to flood. These are some parts of climate change that also affect agricultural products and the living of everyone.

In the end, Dr. Asmol Limsakul concluded that “Global warming can occur both from nature and humans. The solution must be resolved in both parts at the same time. That is changing human habits to having less activities and behaviors that are destructive to nature and down to not destroying at all. This includes a campaign to promote trees planting, as well as, supporting the innovations that are intensively beneficial to the environment.”



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“Reduce” the use of plastic and electricity

“Increase” Green Life, Planting Trees, Reforestation

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